3U Pedal Rack

"The most convenient way to mount your pedals in a rack"





The 3U Pedal Rack lets you mount your pedals vertically in a standard 19" rack so that you can easily access their controls.  This is much more convenient than rack drawers or shelves.  Attach your pedals with zip ties, wire, velcro, or whatever else you choose to use.  If your pedals are too tall, you can still mount them to the 3U Pedal Rack, leaving some rack space above or below so your pedals fit.  Or mount them sideways, as shown in the picture above.



Sometimes simple things can make a big difference.  The 3U Pedal Rack is a custom-designed rack accessory you can use to conveniently mount your pedals in a rack.  You might think of it as a rack-mounted pedal board.  The pedals can be mounted vertically, so you can easily access their controls.  Many pedals will fit in 3U of rack space, but if you have some larger ones, just leave some rack space open above/below the 3U Pedal Rack so your taller pedals can fit in.  Or turn them sideways so they will fit.  Connect your pedals with your power and patch cables as you normally would.  The "incoming" and "outgoing" cables can go over the top or below the bottom of the 3U Pedal Rack.  There is also a 1" hole in each side (3/4" with rubber grommets installed) that may be used for incoming and outgoing cables, depending on your cables and the clearance inside your rack.  Attach pedals to the grid of holes using zip ties, wire, velcro, or whatever you choose.  The holes for attaching pedals are 3/8" diameter, about 1" apart, center to center.  We recommend a combination of zip ties and velcro to make sure your pedals are secure and won't come loose.  The rack has a brushed aluminum finish to match our other gear, but you could paint it if you wanted.

We offer this mainly so that you can continue to use some of your own pedals along with our rack effect modules in the event we don't have some effect that you need.  This lets you get an "all rack" solution even if you still have some pedals in the mix.  Of course, we offer our Bypass Looper module so you can control your rack-mounted pedal using the same footswitch you use for our rack effects.  If fact, you don't actually have to get any of our rack effects.  You could get a bunch of Bypass Looper modules and our switching equipment to control your pedals in a rack.  Taking a mixed pedals and rack effects approach may also provide you with a way to "ease out" of your pedals into a full rack effects solution.

Obviously, this gives you a way to get your pedals off the floor and secure them in a rack.  You can also buy third party locking security covers to keep others from messing up your pedal settings, while adding a bit more protection and security for your valued pedals.  The pedals are recessed into the rack about 2 inches, so there should be enough clearance for a security cover, particularly since most of them are an inch or so in front of the rails.  But measure your pedals just to make sure.

We recommend you also secure your incoming and outgoing cables to prevent cable strain and to keep them from coming unplugged.  Third party cable management rack bars may be helpful, along with a few zip ties.  Note that if your rack has rear rails (highly recommended), then you could also mount a second 3U Pedal Rack on the back rails in the same space as a 3U Pedal Rack on the front rails, saving you some rack space.  The picture above shows our 3U Pedal Rack in a small studio tabletop rack.  If your studio area gets crowded with pedals, this could help you reclaim some lost space.



  • gives you aprox 17" of horizontal space for your pedals, about 2" deep
  • 3 standard rack units tall if your pedals don't extend past the edges of the pedal rack



Works with standard 19" racks

In addition to your rack, pedals, audio cables, power cables, and choice of mounting options (eg zip ties, velcro), you'll need rack screws.  We don't include any because different racks take different types of screws.  



Only the 3U Rack Mount is included, along with (2) rubber grommets for the (2) 1" cable holes.  No pedals, cables, ties, velcro, rack screws, or anything else is included.





Base Configuration

Part # Description List Price
3UPRACK 3U Pedal Rack $79