Wing Modules

Wing modules are modules configured with a front panel that has rack mounting wings.  Each enclosure must have a wing module in the leftmost and rightmost positions.


Left wing Guitar Pass Thru module
Right wing Amp Pass Thru module
Left wing Filler module
Right wing Amp Selector module


As you can imagine, we must manufacture many, many configurations of module panels to accommodate all the possible control and connection requirements of our broad range of effects.  Tripling the number by providing left and right wing versions of all those configurations would increase out manufacturing costs for panels a large amount.  Over time, as customer needs require, we will probably expand the number of panel configs we keep in stock.  At present we stock dozens and dozens of non-wing panel configs, covering the great majority of configurations that we consider "practical".  We also stock a large number of those panels in wing configurations.  It is always possible to get any panel config necessary, either for wing or non-wing positions, but it may delay your order or incur an extra customization charge in some cases if we have to manufacture special panels for your module configs.

Since there are so many configurations of wing and non-wing panels, we won't try to maintain a list of what is stocked here.  It will likely be changing over time anyway.  We stock the panel configs that are likely to be necessary, so you don't generally need to worry about it.  We will review your order carefully and let you know if anything you need would require custom manufacturing beyond what we normally do - it is possible, but unlikely.  However, at present we stock fewer configurations for left and right wing modules.

Most of the time, left and right wing positions would be filled with some standard common modules for routing your guitar signal, such as Guitar Pass Thru, Amp Pass Thru, and Amp Selector modules, or perhaps wing filler modules.  Those are used in most wing positions, particularly in single-enclosure configurations.  But we also stock a good range of left and right panel configurations for other effects.  Again, we won't list them all here but we will provide a guideline for configuring wing modules.  Most of the panel configs we keep in wing configs are the common ones that tend to have fewer controls and connections than more complex module configurations.  If your module config would normally fit into a 1.5" non-wing space, we probably have a wing configuration that would work for it.  We also have wing configs for some 2" panel configs.  So if you are configuring a group of modules and you want some to be in wing positions, you might want to select module configs that have fewer controls for the wing position, and more complex module configurations can go into the non-wing positions.  Review Configuration for more info on module widths.


A left wing Fuzzbender module
A right wing Blues Buster module


Due to constraints imposed by the physical construction of the enclosures and modules, the left wing position is a little different.  Normally, the PCB support in a module is on the left side of the module (as you face the front of the module).  That doesn't work in the left wing position - there isn't enough space by the left side of the enclosure.  Left wing modules that require a PCB support (nearly all of them) have to be "flipped" so that the PCB support is on the right side.  That doesn't solve the problem, though.  Now the PCB support is too close to the PCB support in the next module over.  We end up having to make the left wing modules 0.5" wider than they would otherwise need to be to allow enough room for mounting them properly.  As you plan your enclosures, keep in mind that your left wing module may take up that extra 0.5".  Of course we'll be reviewing your order, but in a full enclosure design, unexpectedly needing another 0.5" could ripple through your module configurations.

In the product descriptions for each module we note widths and wing position availability.  Those guidelines represent what is normally available.  If you need configurations not listed, let us know and we'll let you know any additional costs or manufacturing time that may be necessary.  When we have more panels manufactured, we often slip in a new configuration or two so that we can expand the on-hand configurations available without the need for delays or extra charges.  If you catch us at the right time when we are planning a manufacturing order or you don't mind waiting until our next order, there may not be any additional costs.  It is really expensive to place small one-off manufacturing orders, so we'll probably want to avoid that.