How To Purchase GT Rack Effects

OK, we'll just lay it out there.  Our purchase process is a bit clunky, but not as bad as it may sound.  It would be great to have a shopping cart where you can select modules and options to configure your order, but we just haven't made time to build that yet.  

Right now, we'll work with you through email.  It may seem complicated to figure everything out, but it's not that bad and we'll help every step of the way.

To get started, just drop us an email and tell us as best you can what you want in your chain.  You can tell us what GT modules you want, or what third party pedals you are using and want to replace, whatever is easiest to get the discussion going.  A picture or two of your current pedal setup, as well as some basic info about your guitars, amps, and music style(s) may be helpful.  From there, we'll help design your chain and work through any customizations that may interest you.  Email helps us keep track of the details as we go.  Depending on your needs, level of detail, etc this can be as quick or as thorough as you prefer.  In the end, we'll have an exact proposed configuration with complete cost information.

Here's the overall process:

1.  Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. describing what you want

Don't worry about it being complete or correct.  We'll communicate back and forth until we have the configuration tweaked to be what you want, reviewed for any technical issues.  We may make some recommendations along the way if we think that's appropriate or helpful, but this is about getting you what you want, not about us selling you something.  Once the configuration is finalized, we can also tell you what cables or other third party gear will be necessary.  

2.  Place your order. 

Once you agree that we have the configuration you want and we have reviewed it for technical/build feasibility and cost, then we're finished with the configuration process.  You can then place your order by paying a non-refundable Order Deposit, typically 50% of the total order cost.  The quoted price will be valid until a specified date, so you will have some time between finalizing the config and placing the order.  If that time passes before you place your order, we can always re-quote the order when you are ready.  We will also give you an estimate of when we expect to start work on your order.

3.  The order is placed in our queue to be built once the order deposit is received. 

Until you place your order deposit, you are not committed to anything and can make changes or cancel.  Once you place your order deposit, you are committed to the order.  Please read our policies in the Support section of our website to see how we handle changes and other situations once the order deposit is placed. 

The queue is "first in, first out", meaning orders are built in the order they are placed.  We are contemplating a "priority build fee", where customers with an urgent need could pay extra to jump ahead of other orders already in the queue.  The more orders they want to jump ahead of, the larger the fee.  The fee would be divided among the delayed orders, lowering the final payment due on those delayed orders.  There are potential complications in doing that, so we haven't yet implemented that policy.  But we may do that at some point if we can figure out the details, keep it fair, and not disrupt the queue too much.

We sometimes make small adjustments in the queue when we have the opportunity to speed things up.  For example, it is usually quicker for us to build multiples of the same module at the same time than doing them one at a time.  So as we build something for the next order, we may also be getting an early start on something similar in upcoming orders.  Orders that require custom metal work or sourcing of rare parts should be very uncommon, as we try to keep everything in stock.  If an order is delayed while we wait for something, we'll work on the portions of the order that aren't delayed, but we may also start work on the next order.  Some of the common modules, for switching, power, signal routing, etc we try to build in quantities in advance of orders when we get time.  Should there be a failure or need for replacement parts, we'll try to squeeze those in quickly so that you don't have to wait through the queue to get back up and going.  Other than odd situations like those, it remains generally "first come, first serve". 

The amount of time required to build an order once we are ready to begin varies widely depending on the size of the order and the specific module configurations and options in the order.  Single module orders would typically be built in a day or less.  A full chain configuration of several modules would likely take a few days, perhaps a couple of weeks or longer.

4.  We will notify you when we begin work on your order. 

We'll let you know when we start on your order, and may provide some updates as we work.  If we have questions or issues once we start building, we will contact you and work it out.

5.  Final payment and shipping. 

Once we are finished building and testing, we will send you a request for the balance due for the order.  Once we receive full payment for the order, we ship it to you. 

Presently, we accept payments via PayPal.  You can use a PayPal account, credit cards, or PayPal financing to cover PayPal invoices.


Check out our policies in the Support section of our site to find out about order changes, cancellations, and other important matters.  They may sound a little scary, but please remember you are buying products built to your specific configuration.  Before we even start building your order, we will have incurred the costs of all the parts, provided considerable time in configuring your order, and allocated further time for construction.  We are fully committed on costs before we solder the first component.  We want 100% delighted, return customers and we'll do our very best to make sure you are one of them!