The articles in this section of our site are meant to be informative and helpful, covering a variety of topics related to guitar effects.  The articles are based on a combination of fact, experience, and opinion.  We, and our guest contributors, certainly haven't written anything we know to not be true, but there is a good chance we have written something that you may disagree with factually, hold a different opinion, find misleading, or have different experiences. 

Once we get some higher priority tasks completed on our website and infrastructure, we will likely provide a forum for discussion of alternate opinions, experience, and factual explanations, much like other discussion forums that cover these same topics.  Right now we simply don't have enough time to participate in such discussions, even though we both enjoy and learn from it.

We'll try to steer clear of controversial topics and clearly identify things that are our own opinions or experiences and may be different for others.  We'll generally stick pretty close to topics directly related to our products and their usage.

Most of the material here is geared toward those that may not have experience in certain areas of effects usage, as opposed to highly experienced designers and users of guitar effects.  We know that facts, opinions, and experiences vary between people and even for some of us individually, over time.  We expect the sophistication and depth of this information to grow, but for now it is intended primarily to help some customers with customizing, ordering, and using the products we offer.  The information in some cases is generalized so that principles are not lost in the sea of details that may actually be experienced or at least discussed in some areas.

So, read and enjoy, but do not be surprised if you disagree with some of our points.  Hopefully you'll find these topics and discussions useful or at least thought-provoking.  While we can't commit to replying to your inputs, we welcome them and will read and consider them all and perhaps update our content in this section of our site appropriately.