Gerlt Technologies makes hundreds of customizable rack effects, at prices comparable to regular guitar pedals.  It's time to dump that pedal board and get Your Tone off the floor!


 What We Do

You know them as guitar pedals

We build them as rack effect modules you can customize to get Your Tone

Put several rack effect modules into a 3U rack enclosure

Connect power and audio on the back like guitar pedals, adding connections for remote switching

Add a remote footswitch unit to turn rack effects on and off

Add as many rack effect modules, enclosures, and third party products as you like. Plug in your guitar and amp. Rock it! It's that simple.


Quick Hits:

  • Check out our GT Effects Overview to see why we do this

  • Check out our Compares To charts to see the full list of effects we offer

  • Follow the menus from Products, to Modules, to Modules By Type to get a list of our effect types.  Select any effect type to get a list of all our effects of that type.  Select any effect to get full information including pricing.






Hello Effects Fans!

Yes, things are going a little slowly, but we're still cranking out new rack effects.  Today we announce our MOAB module, which compares to the Univox UniDrive UD-50, an early '70s boost effect used by Jimmy Page and probably others.  It is a huge 3-stage silicon boost that goes from clean-ish to really dirty, especially good for pushing the front end of a tube amp.  In March of 1971, it appeared in a Melody Maker ad, along with Jimmy Page, his Les Paul, and violin bow, and was described as producing "an electronic cello effect".  With its large rocker foot control, it looked like a wah pedal and was probably often mistakenly identified as a volume pedal when seen on stage.

Whether or not you need an electronic cello in your band, this is a great boost that can wipe out the first several rows of your audience when you crank it up.  Its big output and early release lead us to call it the "Mother Of All Boosts".  We aren't qualified to make any medical claims, but we've not had any virus problems here since we cranked this module up through a half-stack...

You can see the details about our MOAB at: MOAB.  Or look for it in the Boost Modules section under Products -> Modules -> Modules By Type.