Compliance, Safety, and Health Certifications

Please note that none of our products are reviewed or certified to be compliant with any manufacturing, health, or safety standards of any kind.  In particular, we are not certified, listed, or inspected by any organizations such as Underwriter Laboratories (UL).  We are not certified compliant with any of the EU standards.

Many of the components we use in our products are vintage components.  Many of these components or other components and materials we use in our products contain substances, such as lead, that are known to be possible causes of serious health issues.  Almost all of our products use electricity, which could cause injury or death under certain circumstances.  These are only two examples of risks related to the use of our products; there may be many other known or undocumented risks associated with using our products.

Your purchase or use of any of our products is acknowledgement and acceptance that your use of our products is at your own risk, with your knowledge that we have not been certified as compliant with any manufacturing, health, safety, or any other types of standards or expectations.