Repairs and Modifications

Please refer to our warranty for our warranty terms.  Contact us immediately with any product issues you may encounter that may necessitate in-warranty repairs.  We will evaluate the problem and typically ask you ship the product to us for evaluation and repairs that are covered by our warranty.  Under certain circumstances, we may offer to send you replacement parts that you can install yourself, which can avoid some shipping time and have your product up and working properly a little quicker.  Either way, we will probably work through some simple troubleshooting steps to make sure that we understand the problem, and in some cases to try potential fixes that don't require repairs.  Some problems may be specific to your rig and setup, so we often need to do some troubleshooting there because we may not be able to duplicate the problem at GT.  Please refer to our Product Manuals, FAQ, and Troubleshooting pages for solutions to your problems and ways to help provide us valuable information we may need to diagnose and correct your problem.

The remainder of this policy statement concerns repairs and modifications other than in-warranty repairs.

Our products have design features and options that specifically enable product repairs and modifications by qualified personnel.  Should you require repairs or modifications, you have multiple options:

Do It Yourself

Several parts in guitar effects will fail with normal use over time, or as a result of accident or misuse, or for other reasons.  Some of these parts include boards, knobs, potentiometers, jacks, and switches.  Many of these are designed for easy replacement, without soldering.  Replacement part assemblies are available for purchase from Gerlt Technologies, along with instructions for replacing them.  With only basic tools and by following our instructions, you may feel comfortable replacing these parts yourself.  Even some components such as op amps can be replaced easily if you follow our instructions carefully.

Gerlt Technologies Repairs

Of course, you may request repairs or modifications for your GT products from us.  Depending on the nature of the problem or request, we may be able to give you a quote or a not-to-exceed cost for the repair before you send the product to us.  In other cases, we may have to diagnose the problem before we can determine what needs to be fixed and what it will cost.  We will only do repairs and mods with your approval for the change and for the cost, and will work with you to discuss options.  Of course, we reserve the right to do the change for low or no cost other than shipping charges.  See our various Parts and Services pages, as well as the manual or other pages for your product for more info about your options and general cost ranges.  You can always get help from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any repair or modification issues.

Third Party Repairs

Many repairs can be made to our products by qualified third party electronics repair shops.  Of course, we are not responsible for the results of any third party repairs or mods.  Many repairs can be made by ordering replacement parts and assemblies from us.  Many of the parts and assemblies that may fail are also designed and built in a way that a qualified repair technician can repair those assemblies with commonly available parts they probably stock.  For example, perhaps a switch on one of your modules fails.  You could order a replacement switch assembly from us and swap it out yourself or have a third party technician do it for you.  But the failed switch assembly was built with cables or wires that are a bit longer than needed.  A service technician could remove the failed switch from the assembly and solder on a replacement switch in just a few minutes.  If they have questions about the type of switch to use, we would be happy to supply that info to you.

Schematics and Circuit Repairs

If you have read our articles about the guitar effects business, or are familiar with the technical and legal details of how it works, you will know that all of us in the business have few options to protect any intellectual property and value add we may provide.  One of the only tools we have at our disposal is to maintain "trade secret" or "proprietary information" about the details of our products.  Some manufacturers go to a good deal of trouble to do that, trying to prevent duplication, reverse engineering, etc of their products by taking physical steps to obscure circuit and component details.  Some of the methods they employ to do that make it nearly impossible to repair problems with the products, or perhaps even contribute to early failures.  We choose to avoid those measures.  Instead, we just don't share specific types of proprietary information.  That includes our schematics and detailed construction methods and components.  As a result, we will not supply repair technicians or anyone else with that information.  But even when there are circuit failures, there are still simple repair options.  The parts of the circuit most likely to fail are related to switching, power, controls, and connections.  In almost all of our modules, these functions are on separate, replaceable boards or cable assemblies.  If, for instance, you plug in the wrong type of power to one of our modules, the power board is designed first to survive the situation without damage.  But, if it is damaged, the damage should be confined to the power board.  The power boards are designed to be replaced easily, as are the switching boards.  Even the main effect boards can be replaced.  Of course, board replacements aren't free, but in most cases it is probably much cheaper to get a replacement board from us than it is to pay for parts and bench time for repairs or buy a new effect unit. 

Our products are meant to last a long time.  They are also designed to be tolerant of some circumstances that would normally cause a guitar effect to fail.  When there are failures, our designs specifically allow repairs to be easy and cost effective.  With proper care and maintenance, we hope you see your great-grandchildren and ours playing these effects and creating great music for many, many years to come.