We will work closely with you to develop the specs for the products we build for you.  We will do everything we can to make sure that the final configurations and specs for your order are correct.  But these are customized products.  That means you are ultimately the owner of the specs and configuration choices.  We can't really know exactly how you expect them to perform or sound since that is a matter of individual perception and opinion and how you use them, nor can we guarantee that they will meet your expectations in those regards.  We expect that customers buying custom effects have reasonably detailed knowledge of guitar effects.  Your knowledge and experience of guitar effects should be sufficient to give you the ability to work with us to configure your order with a high level of confidence that your specified configuration will meet your performance expectations.

As we develop the specs and configuration of your order, you will be making numerous choices about features, options, parts, and other aspects of the resulting products.  You will be choosing from possible choices we provide, or perhaps new choices you suggest and we agree to.  What we guarantee is that we will build your products in compliance to all those choices that we agree upon and specify in the final configuration and specs for your order before it is placed.  We will build to those specs and test the resulting products against those specs before we ship or deliver it to you. 

We guarantee that we will build it correctly to the final specs and configuration, but we do not guarantee you will like the results.