Order Cancellation

Orders are not placed until configurations are approved and we've received your Order Deposit.  If you have not paid your Order Deposit, you do not need to cancel your order since it has not yet been placed.

After you have paid the Order Deposit, we will confirm that your order has been placed and your order will go into our build queue until we build it.  After paying the Order Deposit, but before we start building the order, you can cancel your order.  HOWEVER, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ORDER DEPOSITYOUR ORDER DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  When you place your Order Deposit, we will use your deposit to pay for parts we have already purchased or will immediately purchase for your order.  In some cases we will even begin "pre-building" some assemblies for your order.  We cannot refund your deposit for those reasons. 

Once we start building your order, your order cannot be cancelled.  We cannot refund your Order Deposit, and you will be liable for the full Remaining Order Payment due for your order when we complete it.