Shipping and Taxes


We will always pack your orders in a way to minimize possible damage in shipping.  It's just one of those things we do to prevent unnecessary problems.

However, the cost of packing materials can really add up.  Plus, a lot of packing materials either deplete our resources or do damage to our environment in various ways.  It is surprising how much of this stuff gets used.  Just in the packages we receive from our suppliers, we get small mountains of packing materials that can become challenging to dispose of in a quick and responsible manner.  We figure there's opportunity to be kind to our planet with our shipping.  We properly recycle our used packing material.  That's a good start.  But we also choose to re-use some of it.  That's even better, when it is an acceptable option.  This is especially applicable for filler - wrapping paper, padding, bubble wrap, and the like.  Sometimes boxes can also be re-used, particularly if they are used inside other boxes.  We don't generally re-use the "outside" boxes, as they tend to bear the brunt of damage, are covered with old shipping labels and tape, etc.  So if you receive an order and it looks like we've re-used some packing materials, we may have.  It maybe doesn't look as nice, but neither does bubble wrap floating in our reservoirs.  We will not re-use anything that might jeopardize the safety of your order.  If we don't have packing materials to re-use, we'll use new stuff, with a preference for environmentally responsible options.  We hope you don't mind this small planet-friendly, price-friendly action.


We will choose whatever shipping method is most cost-effective and reliable for each order and its destination.  If you have a shipping preference, let us know and we will try to accommodate it.  We currently choose from amongst USPS, FedEx, and UPS.  Depending on the order, we will include insurance and require a signature for delivery.  At present, we do not sell to or ship to addresses outside the USA.

We are not responsible for damage during shipment.  If there is damage, we will help you recover costs from the shipper to the extent that we can.  Here are some actions we recommend you consider:

If you are present when a damaged package is delivered, consult with the delivery driver about options.  Ask them if they have a form they can fill out describing the damage and supporting their claim process.  If there is potential damage, ask the driver to wait until you open the package to see if there is any actual damage to the product.  Take pictures before, during, and after opening the package.

If there is obvious external damage, take photographs of the package before you move or open it.  Be sure to get clear pictures of the damage, as well as readable pictures of the shipping/tracking information on the labels.  If damage is not obvious from the outside, but there is still damage inside, stop unpacking and take pictures to document the situation before you continue unpacking.  Contact the customer support number for your shipper immediately.

While we may not be able to help much with the shipper, please notify us immediately of any shipping problems so we can provide whatever assistance we can.


We collect 8.25% sales tax on the full total, including shipping, for all orders, as required by Texas.