Deposits and Payments

Before you place an order, we will work out the exact configuration and pricing details.  In those details, we will specify  Order Deposit and Remaining Order Payment amounts.  Typically the Order Deposit amount will be 50% of the total final cost for the order.  However, it may be a bit more or less than 50% of the total depending on what is ordered, customizations, parts required, and other factors.  The Remaining Order Payment amount is just the total final cost minus the Order Deposit.

Your order is not placed until we receive the Order Deposit for the order.  Completed orders are not shipped or delivered until we receive the Remaining Order Payment amount for the order.  We will be in contact with you throughout the entire process of quoting and configuring your order, while it is in queue to be built, while it is being built, and when it is ready to ship.  We will let you know at what point the Order Deposit and Remaining Order Payment amounts are due.

The amounts for Order Deposits will not change after the Order Deposit has been paid.  Until the Order Deposit has been paid, the order is subject to changes that may affect the Order Deposit and/or Remaining Order Payment amounts.

Once the Order Deposit has been paid, the Remaining Order Payment amount will remain the same, but with some possible exceptions.  If there is a change to the order, the change may result in cost changes for the order, which could in turn affect the Remaining Order Payment amounts.  This would only happen with your approval, most likely at your request.  There are times when we may initiate order changes, as per our Order Change policy.  Any order changes may result in changes to the Remaining Order Payment amount.  We also reserve the right to lower your Remaining Order Payment amount by applying discounts, promotional rates, or other price reductions.  Since those also represent changes to the order, we may request your approval for those as well.


We accept payments via PayPal.  You can use a PayPal account, credit cards, or PayPal financing to cover PayPal invoices.