Tube Reverb Footswitch

 "Allows the Tube Reverb to be turned on/off with tails"

Tube Reverb footswich


Rear showing unplugged stereo cable


The Tube Reverb rack effect module uses a remote switch like other GT modules to bypass the reverb effect.  In addition, the Tube Reverb Footswitch allows you to switch between a tube buffered bypass (reverb off, but with trailing echoes or "tails", and normal reverb effect on.  In either case, the Tube Reverb is still in your signal chain, either as a reverb or a buffer.  Use the normal footswitch on your 3-Button or 12-Button Footswitch to engage or bypass the Tube Reverb.  See the Tube Reverb module description for more details.


The Tube Reverb Footswitch is a sturdy 1-button footswitch for use with our Tube Reverb module.  The footswitch unit is manufactured by a third party as a replacement footswitch for certain amps.  We modify it for controlling on/off with "tails" for the Tube Reverb module.  It uses a cable with 1/4" stereo (TRS) connector, which is not included.  This footswitch is included with the Tube Reverb module.

Since we do not manufacture this footswitch, we are not able to offer no-solder replacement parts.  Switches can be replaced, but GT repair services or qualified third-party tech services are required to perform any repairs.


  • 1 latching footswitch with LED status indicator
  • angled top for easy stomping
  • flat black powder coat finish
  • padded rubber bottom
  • uses 1/4" stereo (TRS) cable
  • Aprox dimensions:  3.25"(w) x 1.75"(h) x 4.375"(d), 1.3 lbs



Tube Reverb module


  • can only be used with Tube Reverb module
  • requires 1/4" male/male stereo (TRS) cable to connect footswitch to Tube Reverb module


  •  Tube Reverb footswitch




Base Configuration

Part # Description List Price
FSW-TR Tube Reverb Footswitch $49






Replacement parts are not available, although we offer repair services to replace failed switches.  It may be more cost effective to replace a failed unit.