Super Nova Footswitch

"Select delay Presets and set rate with Tap Tempo of the Super Nova digital delay module"

Super Nova footswitch


Rear showing stereo cable connection


The Super Nova Digital Delay rack effectmodule is engaged or bypassed with a switch on your 3-Button or 12-Button Footswitch, just like other modeuls.  In addition, there are two extra Super Nova functions controlled with this extra footswitch:  selecting delay PreSets and setting the Tap Tempo.



The Super Nova Footswitch is a sturdy 2-button footswitch for use with our Super Nova digital delay module.  The footswitch unit is manufactured by a third party as a replacement footswitch for certain amps.  We modify it for controlling Presets and Tap Tempo of the Super Nova module.  It includes an integrated cable with 1/4" stereo (TRS) connector.  This footswitch is included with the Super Nova module.

Since we do not manufacture this footswitch, we are not able to offer no-solder replacement parts.  Switches can be replaced, but GT repair services or qualified third-party tech services are required to perform any repairs.


  • 2 soft-touch momentary switches
  • angled top for easy stomping of switches
  • flat black powder coat finish
  • padded rubber bottom
  • integrated 1/4" stereo (TRS) cable may vary in length, usually aprox 15' - 16'
  • Aprox dimensions:  5.25"(w) x 1.75"(h) x 4.375"(d), 1.75 lbs



Super Nova module


  • can only be used with Super Nova digital delay module


  •  Super Nova footswitch with integrated cable




Base Configuration

Part # Description List Price
FSW-SN Super Nova Footswitch $59






Replacement parts are not available, although we offer repair services to replace failed switches.  It may be more cost effective to replace a failed unit.