3U Rack Enclosure

"Basic 3U 19" rack enclosure box that houses GT rack effect modules"


3U Enclosure - Front


3U Enclosure - Rear


3U Enclosure - Side


3U Enclosure with Rear Supports - Front


3U Enclosure with Rear Supports - Rear


3U Enclosure with Rear Supports - Side


The 3U Enclosure houses your GT rack effect modules.  It is a standard 3 rack units (3U) enclosure for 19" racks.  Fastens to your rack's front rails, with an option to also attach to the rear rails if your rack has them (recommended).  Can also be used with optional rubber feet on a flat surface instead of mounted in a rack.



The 3U Rack Enclosure is the physical link between GT modules and your rack.  The modules are mounted in the enclosure and the enclosure is mounted in your 19" rack.  Top, bottom, and side panels are unfinished and may have manufacturing blemishes or scratches.

Note: if you gig or play out and frequently transport your gear, you may want to "harden" it a bit.  If you find that screws in the enclosure are working loose or falling out, use some Loctite or similar product to hold them in place. Maybe a tiny dab of fingernail polish will do it.  Do not use permanent locking products, just temporary ones.


  • Occupies 3 standard rack units of vertical space
  • Can be placed on flat, level "table top" for use instead of rack mounted.  Requires optional rubber feet.
  • Aprox 15" depth
  • Provides 17" of horizontal space for modules in 0.5" increments
  • 1/16" thick solid aluminum side, top, and bottom panels
  • 1/8" thick solid aluminum front, back, and side rails
  • All parts except top and bottom panel are assembled with standard #6-32 machine screws, nuts, and washers avoiding the possibility of stripped threads in screw holes.
  • Top and bottom panels are attached to threaded holes in rails using #6-32 screws.  There are two sets of holes that can be used to mount the top and bottom panels.  One set is always covered by the panels, the other set is used to attach the panels.  You can switch from one set of holes to the other just by "flipping" either panel.  In the unlikely event that overtightening screws or cross-threading leads to stripped holes, an alternate set of new holes can be made available.  This delays or prevents the need to purchase replacement rails resulting from the most likely cause of damage.


  • Rack mounting requires standard 19" rack with available 3U open space and (6) rack mounting screws for front rail mounting or (12) rack mounting screws for front and rear rail mounting using optional rear supports
  • Table top use requires rubber feet to prevent scratches and damage to table surface
  • Enclosure must be filled with 17" of modules.  "Filler" modules are available to fill any space not filled by effects modules.
  • One "left wing" module and one "right wing" module are required. See Wing Modules for additional information.



3U Enclosure - Parts


  • (4) front/rear rails
  • (4) side rails
  • (2) side panels
  • (1) top panel
  • (1) bottom panel
  • screws, nuts, and washers for assembly
  • assembly is available free of charge with your order



Rear Supports



Set of four adhesive feet (bumpers)


  • (Recommended) Optional adjustable rear supports help distribute weight to rear rack rails and secure enclosure firmly in place inside your rack.  Distance from front to back mounting wings adjusts from aprox 15 - 26", accommodating a wide range of rack depths.
  • Set of (4) adhesive feet for placing enclosure on flat, level surface instead of rack mounting.  Feet must be removed to fit the enclosure into rack should it later be rack mounted.


Base Configuration

Part # Description List Price
ENC-3U 3U Rack Enclosure $249



Part # Description List Price
ENC-3U-RSP Rear Supports (pair, incl mounting hardware) $29
ENC-3U-AF Adhesive Feet* (4) $5

 *Note:  Feet may vary in color, size, and shape from those pictured.


Part # Description List Price
ENC-3U-FR Front/Rear Rail (1) $25
ENC-3U-SR Side Rail (1) $25
ENC-3U-TBP Top/Bottom Panel (1) $25
ENC-3U-SP Side Panel (1) $25
ENC-3U-RS Rear Support (1) $15
ENC-3U-TBPSC Screws for Top/Bottom Panel (10) $5
ENC-3U-SPSC Screw, Nut, Washers for Side Panel (5 of each) $5
ENC-3U-RSPSC Screw, Nut, Washers for Rear Support (3 of each) $3