3U Rack Enclosure

3U 19" rack enclosure box that houses GT rack effect modules


3U Enclosure - Front


3U Enclosure - Rear


3U Enclosure - Side


3U Enclosure with Rear Supports - Front


3U Enclosure with Rear Supports - Rear


3U Enclosure with Rear Supports - Side


The 3U Enclosure houses your GT rack effect modules.  It is a standard 3 rack units (3U) enclosure for 19" racks.  It fastens to the front and rear rails of your rack.  It can also be used with optional rubber feet on a flat surface instead of mounted in a rack.


The 3U Rack Enclosure is the physical link between GT modules and your rack.  The modules are mounted in the enclosure and the enclosure is mounted in your 19" rack.  The top, bottom, side panels, and rear supports will have a light brushed finish.  There may still be some light scratches or manufacturing blemishes, but these parts are meant to be unseen in your rack case.  The pictures here show an earlier version of the enclosure that did not have the brushed finish.  The difference is minor.


  • Occupies 3 standard rack units of vertical space
  • Can be placed on flat, level surface instead of rack mounted, with optional rubber feet.
  • Approximately 15" minimum rack depth (front to rear rails).  Adjustable rear supports help distribute weight to rear rack rails and secure enclosure inside your rack.  Distance from front to back mounting wings adjusts from aprox 15 - 26", accommodating a wide range of rack depths.  Mounting in racks without rear rails is discouraged, especially if you gig or move your rack around.
  • Provides 17" of horizontal space for modules in 0.5" increments
  • 1/16" thick aluminum side, top, and bottom panels
  • 1/8" thick aluminum front, back, and side rails
  • All parts except top and bottom panel are assembled with standard #6-32 machine screws, nuts, and washers
  • Top and bottom panels are attached to threaded holes in rails using small #6-32 screws.  


  • Rack mounting requires standard 19" rack with available 3U open space and (12) rack mounting screws for front rail and rear rail mounting
  • Unracked use requires rubber feet to prevent scratches and damage to furniture surface
  • Enclosure must be filled with 17" of modules.  Filler modules are available to fill any space not filled by effects modules.
  • One left wing module and one right wing module are required. See Wing Modules for additional information.



3U Enclosure - Parts


Rear Supports
  • (4) front/rear rails
  • (4) side rails
  • (2) side panels
  • (1) top panel
  • (1) bottom panel
  • (2) rear support panels
  • screws, nuts, and washers for assembly
  • assembly is free of charge with your order


Nothing particular is required.  Don't over-tighten screws and strip the threads for the small screws that hold the top and bottom panels to the rails. 

If you disassemble the enclosure and put it back together, don't tighten anything until you have it mostly together.  The tolerances in the manufacturing are pretty close, so if you are off a bit here or there you might not get everything to align.  If so, just loosen some screws and jiggle it or tap it a bit until all's well. 

If you gig or frequently transport your gear, you may find some screws that hold the bottom panel may work loose or fall out - unlikely, but possible.  Taking the enclosure apart enough times and overtightening screws may cause the holes to get a little loose.  If so, use some Loctite or similar product to hold them in place. Maybe a tiny dab of fingernail polish will do it.  Do not use permanent locking products, just temporary ones.  This isn't usually a problem since there are more screws than are necessary, but over the years we've lost a screw or two.

Note that there are two sets of holes in the rails that the top and bottom panels attach to.  If you strip some holes, flip a top or bottom panel around and you'll magically have a new set of holes to use.  You can also fix stripped holes with a tap bit of the proper size and thread count, #6-32.  Try your tap in an undamaged hole first to make sure you have the right size.  It should screw in nicely with no cutting resistance.  If you replace any of the screws, make sure to get the same length and the same height of head.  There are close tolerances with other parts for both of those.  Taller heads and you may have problems getting the enclosure to fit into your rack with other units above/below.  If the screws are too long, they can interfere with the modules inside.



Set of four adhesive feet (bumpers)


  • Set of (4) adhesive feet for placing enclosure on flat, level surface instead of rack mounting.  Feet must be removed to fit the enclosure into rack should it later be rack mounted.


Base Configuration

Part # Description List Price
ENC-3U 3U Rack Enclosure $290



Part # Description List Price
ENC-3U-AF Adhesive Feet* (4) $5

 *Note:  Feet may vary in color, size, and shape from those pictured.