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Build Your Own Clone Reverb 2 board

Original Pedal

BYOC original design


There are multiple ways to create reverb.  You could just play loudly in a large enclosed or semi-enclosed area and get natural reverb as your sound bounces off walls, floors, and ceilings to create a complex set of echoes.  Or you could send your sound through a computer that could simulate a room of some size and shape, with some sort of sound-absorbent/sound-reflective coverings on the walls, floor, and ceiling and let the computer create those echoes and add them to your sound.  That's how digital reverbs work.  This pedal uses a Belton "brick" model BTDR-2H, which is essentially a small dedicated computer built into a single package with a software program to create those simulated echoes.  It does a pretty good job, and is used in a circuit that gives you some basic controls over how the echoes are simulated.  The brick is on the back side of the board and cannot be seen in the pictures below.  Metal film resistors, poly and electrolytic caps, and TL022 op amps fill out the circuit.


 Standard 2.1mm 9VDC center negative Boss-style power connector only.  No battery clip.  


Dwell and Reverb control the level and the "fade" of the effect.  On/off indicator LED.