Filler Module

"Front and rear panel pairs to fill empty space in your 3U Rack Enclosure"



Filler modules are "blank" panels used to fill any space in your 3U Enclosure that is not filled with rack effect modules.



Your 3U Enclosure must have 19" of front panels and 17" of rear panels.  Without them there is danger of electrical shock, damage to the electronics, damage to the enclosure, and excessive EMF/RFI noise.  This includes one left wing panel and one right wing panel in the front.  Most modules are 1.5" or 2.0" wide, so if you have some 1.5" and 2.0" filler panels, installing a new module will usually be straightforward.  In addition to 1.5" and 2.0" panels, it is recommended that you also have some 0.5" and 1.0" panels to provide flexibility as you add and move modules.

After you configure your modules, you will know their widths.  Then you can figure out what filler panel widths you will need.  Of course, if you have modules in the wing positions, you don't need wing filler modules for that enclosure.

Each Filler module includes both the front and rear panels.


  • Left Wing Filler
  • Right Wing Filler
  • 0.5" Filler
  • 1.0" Filler
  • 1.5" Filler
  • 2.0" Filler




  • none

Front Panel

  • No front panel controls

Rear Panel

  • No rear panel connectors or controls

Module Width

  • Wing Filler modules are a total of 2.0" wide.  1.0" is the wing that is bolted to the rack.  The other 1.0" covers 1.0" of the 17" of horizontal space in the enclosure.
  • Widths of other modules are multiples of 0.5" up to 2.0"

Power Consumption (aprox)



Base Configurations

Part # Description List Price
MOD-FILLLW Left Wing Filler module $15
MOD-FILLRW Right Wing Filler module $15
MOD-FILL 0.5" Filler module $15
MOD-FILL 1.0" Filler module $15
MOD-FILL 1.5" Filler module $15
MOD-FILL 2.0" Filler module $15