Bass Boost

"It's all about the bass"



The Bass Boost rack effect module compares to the EHX Hog's Foot and Mole pedals.  Simple and crude, it chops out everything except low bass and then boosts what's left.



The Bass Boost is a simple circuit.  It chops out most of the harmonics and upper base register and boosts the low end.  When it is time to get low and shake the walls, just switch it on.



  • Bass Boost - Compares to EHX Hog's Foot and EHX Mole



No buffers



  • Custom Transistor - Comes standard with a 2N5089 high-gain, low noise modern transistor.  These are good transistors used in several GT effects, but you can choose another.
  • Components - We use metal film resistors and a selection of capacitors that provide good tone and low noise


Front Panel

  • Boost


Rear Panel

  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • On/Off Footswitch
  • On/Off Override
  • DC Power
  • DC Power LED


Module Width

  • 1.5"
  • 2" left wing available
  • 1.5" right wing available


Power Consumption (aprox)

8 - 12mA


Base Configurations

Part # Description List Price
MOD-BBOOST Bass Boost module $169



Part # Description List Price
MOPT-BBOOST-TRANS Custom Transistor $0 - TBD
MOPT-BBOOST-CC Component Changes TBD



Part # Description List Price
MPT-BBOOST-CA Replacement pot, switch, jack, LED cable assembly $19
MPT-BBOOST-KNB Replacement control knob $2
MPT-BBOOST-PB Replacement power board $29
MPT-BBOOST-SB Replacement switching board $29