Prime Minister

"Medium gain Marshall stack tone"



The Prime Minister amp sim rack effect module compares to the Marshall Guvnor, a medium-gain overdrive and distortion pedal designed to capture the tone of a Marshall stack.  The Guvnor was one of four pedals Marshall released that shared the same circuit, but all offering different versions of Marshall tone.  The others were the DriveMaster, Bluesbreaker, and Shredmaster.  All four are configurations of our Bluesbuster module.



The Prime Minister compares to the Marshall Guv'nor.  The Marshall Guv'nor is a medium-gain version of the Marshall Bluesbreaker and Shredmaster pedals.  They are technically very similar pedals, differing in the level of gain they can produce and their tone stacks.  Our Bluesbuster module handles a wide variety of configurations, including the Prime Minister.  Please see our Bluesbuster module for details.