Ruby Drive

"Very versatile Supro amp tones, from clean to nasty"




The Ruby Drive is an amp sim rack effect module that could also be classed as an overdrive or distortion effect.  It compares to the JHS Superbolt and Ruby Red pedals, designed to deliver vintage Supro amp tones.



The Ruby Drive compares to the JHS Superbolt and Ruby Red pedals, which are intended to sound like a vintage Supro amp.  We stripped ours down to basics and pleased with the results.  The controls are the normal Volume, Gain, and Tone common to many drive pedals, along with a Hi/Lo switch.  If you back off the Gain and Volume, you get a mild clean boost.  As you increase the Volume, you get more boost, with a bit of grit added.  Turn the Tone up a bit and you end up with a nice spanky, sparkly treble boost.  Back off the Volume, and start adding Gain and you progress through many usable gain levels from boost to overdrive to distortion.  With the Gain up, the Volume becomes more of a sustain control.  Max the Gain and Volume, and you are approaching fuzz territory, with full, saturated, singing sustain.  Grab a Telecaster and get your Led Zeppelin I going!  The circuit uses JFET transistors, driving each other to produce touch-sensitive tube tones that can easily be cleaned up and controlled with your guitar volume.  The range of gain from boost to hi-gain is very wide, all tube-y, all sensitive to pick attack.  At high gain and volume, there is some noise, just as there is with the JHS pedals or a dimed high-gain tube amp.  Kick the Hi/Lo switch to Lo to trim off a little gain, along with some highs and some of the noise.  Or leave it on Hi, crank down the Gain and Volume a bit, and get nice boost or treble boost tones with some jangle.

There are three trimmer switches inside that control the cascading gain levels into the three transistors.  They can be extremely touchy, so we don't recommend adjusting them.  However, we set the trimmers with our guitars, not yours.  Hotter pickups may lead to too much gain or noise for your tastes.  In that case, or if you are a tweaker by nature, you can adjust the trimmers.  Carefully record the initial settings, because it can be *very* difficult to find them again.  With many settings, you'll get either no sound at all or very distorted sounds.  Moving a trimmer in tiny amounts so small that you can't even see or feel it move can have a huge impact.  The trimmer settings depend on each other, so the sweet spots move around.  The point is that you can adjust the module within a small range to change the tone a bit, but we don't recommend that you do it without a good reason and a fair amount of patience.

Since the trimmer settings are so touchy, and because the module has a very wide range of tones, we don't offer any options for it at present.  We have built it like the JHS Ruby Red with an internal boost and order swapper, but much prefer it without them.  We found that you have so much control with pick attack and guitar volume that boosting generally isn't necessary.  Boosting with the Gain or Volume up can put you into screeching, shrieking overload, just like the original pedal.  We also don't tend to build multi-effect pedals.  We think it is better to get them separately to provide more configuration and tone options.  If you want to boost the Ruby Drive, our Sabre module is a great boost with similar tube tones and might be a good match.  We also have a Swapper module for changing effect order.



  • Ruby Drive - Compares to the JHS Superbolt and Ruby Red pedals, designed to sound like Supro amps



No buffers



  • Presently none are offered, but let us know if you need something.  We can put the boost and swapper in the module, but it greatly increases the complexity of the build and becomes a bit pricey.  Contact Support if you are interested.


Front Panel

  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Tone
  • Hi / Lo switch


Rear Panel

  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • On/Off Footswitch
  • On/Off Override
  • DC Power
  • DC Power LED


Module Width

  • 1.5"
  • 2" left wing available
  • 1.5" right wing available


Power Consumption (aprox)

25 - 30mA


Base Configurations

Part # Description List Price
MOD-RUBY Ruby Drive module $199



  • NA



Part # Description List Price
MPT-RUBY-CA Replacement pot, switch, jack, LED cable assembly $19
MPT-RUBY-KNB Replacement control knob $2
MPT-RUBY-PB Replacement power board $29
MPT-RUBY-SB Replacement switching board $29