3-Button Footswitch

"Basic rack effect on/off control for smaller rack effects setups or those on a budget"


3-Button Footswich


Rear, showing DIN cable


The 3-Button Footswitch provides remote switching for GT rack effects modules.  It is one of two footswitches we currently offer.  If you are on a budget or don't use that many effects, the 3-Button Footswitch may help lower your rack effects setup cost and take up less space.



The 3-Button Footswitch is a sturdy, smaller, lower cost alternative to our 12-Button Footswitch.  It may also be a good fit for those that don't use many effects.  The footswitch unit is manufactured by a third party as a replacement footswitch for certain amps.  We modify it internally to meet our switching specs.  It includes an integrated cable with DIN connector.  Indicator LEDs show the status of each of the 3 switches.  These footswitches work with the required Rack Switch DIN module.  The Rack Switch DIN module supports up to (4) 3-Button Footswitches, providing incremental additions to the switching in your setup.

Since we do not manufacture this footswitch, we are not able to offer no-solder replacement parts.  Switches and LEDs can be replaced, but GT repair services or qualified third-party tech services are required to perform any repairs.


  • 3 latching switches with individual status LEDs
  • angled top for easy stomping of switch
  • switches spaced to both avoid and enable multiple simultaneous switch stomps
  • flat black powder coat finish
  • padded rubber bottom
  • integrated DIN cable may vary in length, usually aprox 15' - 16'
  • Aprox dimensions:  8"(w) x 2"(h) x 4.5"(d), 2.4 lbs


Rack Switch DIN module


  • can only be used with Rack Switch DIN module


  •  3-Button Footswitch with integrated DIN cable


  • Soft touch switches - For some reason, it is difficult to find soft touch latching footswitches, but they are usually available at a premium price (at the time of writing aprox $15 - $20 each).  With these switches you generally won't hear the mechanical clicking when you stomp them.  They are pretty quiet.  Of course, this is just the mechanical switching sound and has nothing to do with electrical switching noise, which is not an issue with soft touch switches or the normal stomp switches.  If you are interested in this option, let us know and we'll get you accurate pricing.  Given prices at the time of writing, it would probably cost about $65 - $75 to change all three switches to soft touch switches.


Base Configuration

Part # Description List Price
FSW-3B 3-Button Footswitch $69






Replacement parts are not available, although we offer repair services to replace failed LEDs and switches.  It may be more cost effective to replace a failed unit.