18V Power Module

GT original rack effect module power supply



The 18V Power rack effect module is a GT-designed power supply.  It provides 2 channels of quiet power.  Each channel provides up to 2A of power.



The 18V Power Supply is described in detail at Power.  Please carefully read the information and warning there.  This module ships with a 120V power cord for use in the USA.



  • 18V Power - compares roughly to pedalboard power supplies






Presently there are no options


Front Panel

  • Channel A indicator LED
  • Channel B indicator LED
  • Volt/Amp Meter, Channel A
  • Volt/Amp Meter, Channel B
  • Meter switch, Channel A
  • Meter switch, Channel B
  • Power switch


Rear Panel

  • Power In
  • Voltage Selector switch
  • Main Fuse
  • Channel A Fuse
  • Channel B Fuse
  • Channel A Power Out
  • Channel B Power Out


Module Width

  • 2"
  • wing module not currently available


Power Consumption (aprox)



Base Configurations

Part # Description List Price
MOD-18VPOW 18V Power module $255


We do not recommend that users perform any type of service on the 18V Power module.  We can perform any necessary maintenance or supply parts to a qualified repair shop.  Please contact us for options and pricing.

It is normal to occasionally blow fuses with the type of transformer we use.  These are common fuse types and sizes that you can probably obtain locally.  The necessary information is stamped into the fuse itself.  We recommend that you keep replacement fuses on hand.