Rack Switch

"Enables the GT remote effect module switching"



The Rack Switch switching rack effect module is the core module of the GT remote rack effect switching system.  It allows you to connect GT footswitches to GT modules so you can turn them on and off or control other foot-switchable features.



The Rack Switch module is the heart of the GT remote switching system.  It connects our footswitches to the modules they control.  There are two configurations, depending on which type of footswitch(es) you prefer to use.  You can get an overview of how the Rack Switch modules work at Switching.

You must have footswitches that match the module configuration.  Footswitches are sold separately.  You will also need a VGA cable if you are using the 12-Button Footswitch.

Switching cables from the Rack Switch to other modules are standard 1/8" audio cables, male/male, either mono or stereo.  These are widely available for low cost.  It is best if they are shielded, as most are.  The picture below shows both mono (left) and stereo (right) cables that will work OK.  Be sure to get 1/8".  There are some connectors that look almost identical but are metric sizes.  They will not work.  Enclosures have 17" of space in them, so usually a 12" cable will be long enough to go from the Rack Switch to your other modules.  But you may need some 18" ones.  You may also need some longer ones if you are using multiple enclosures.




  • Rack Switch VGA - GT original switching module for use with our 12-Button Footswitch
  • Rack Switch DIN - GT original switching module for use with our 3-Button Footswitches








Front Panel

  • (VGA configuration) VGA footswitch connector
  • (VGA configuration) tag for labeling Rack Switch and corresponding Footswitch
  • (DIN configuration) (4) DIN footswitch connectors


Rear Panel

  • (12) Switching jacks
  • DC Power
  • DC Power LED


Module Width

  • 1.5"
  • left and right wing panels not currently available


Power Consumption (aprox)

10 - 100mA


Base Configurations

Part # Description List Price
MOD-RSW-VGA Rack Switch VGA module $159
MOD-RSW-DIN Rack Switch DIN module $159



Part # Description List Price
MPT-RSW-CA Replacement jack, LED cable assembly $19
MPT-RSW-PB Replacement power board $29