Gerlt Technologies makes hundreds of customizable rack effects, at prices comparable to regular guitar pedals.  It's time to dump that pedal board and get Your Tone off the floor!


 What We Do

You know them as guitar pedals

We build them as rack effect modules you can customize to get Your Tone

Put several rack effect modules into a 3U rack enclosure

Connect power and audio on the back like guitar pedals, adding connections for remote switching

Add a remote footswitch unit to turn rack effects on and off

Add as many rack effect modules, enclosures, and third party products as you like. Plug in your guitar and amp. Rock it! It's that simple.


Quick Hits:

  • Check out our GT Effects Overview to see why we do this

  • Check out our Compares To charts to see the full list of effects we offer

  • Follow the menus from Products, to Modules, to Modules By Type to get a list of our effect types.  Select any effect type to get a list of all our effects of that type.  Select any effect to get full information including pricing.




Hello, Effects Fans!

First things first, here on 11/11.  A big “THANK YOU !!!” to all of you veterans and “future veterans” as we remember and honor your service and the contributions of your families to our great nation on this special day.  Our first veterans fought for and won our independence.  For nearly 250 years since, millions of American veterans have fought to preserve it.  You guys and gals rock!!!

As predicted in my last update, things have gone “quiet” around here as we wait out the impacts and ripple effects of the pandemic.  All the events we planned to attend were canceled.  We’ve missed being able to see you in person!  We know times are still difficult for musicians, so we wish a speedy end to the shutdowns so that everyone can get back to gigging and touring again.

We were concerned about some of our suppliers, but it seems most of them are open and operating.  Many of them are small businesses, so it is especially good to know they are able to make it through.  There may still be some delays for parts, but “delay” is better than “no longer available”.  Our inventories are at pretty good levels to help prevent delays on most of our many thousands of stocked parts.  Of course, many common parts are still readily available and have been all along.

While we burned through our entire 2020 R&D budget during the early part of the shutdown this year, we have still managed to come up with a few new modules and configurations.  A couple of new configurations should be announced by the end of the year, and some cool new modules should be available in Q1 of 2021, if all goes smoothly.

It’s still unclear what 2021 will bring, probably more slow times for at least the first half of the year.  We aren’t able to plan for any in-person events yet.  R&D will still be at a reduced level to keep funding available for other activities and events that we hope will become possible again in 2021.

Watch for a few new product announcements in the remainder of this year and into early 2021.  We have ideas we would like to turn into plans and products, but we have to wait along with everyone else for vaccines or whatever is necessary to get us back to better times.  In the meantime, it is likely to continue to be a quiet time for us.

I know that’s not much of an update.  Hopefully, 2021 will get us back to frequent and regular new product announcements and events!

Until next time, best wishes to you and yours during the upcoming holiday season – it will soon be here!

Bill Gerlt

President, Gerlt Technologies

Dallas, Texas