Gerlt Technologies makes hundreds of customizable rack effects, at prices comparable to regular guitar pedals.  It's time to dump that pedal board and get Your Tone off the floor!


 What We Do

You know them as guitar pedals

We build them as rack effect modules you can customize to get Your Tone

Put several rack effect modules into a 3U rack enclosure

Connect power and audio on the back like guitar pedals, adding connections for remote switching

Add a remote footswitch unit to turn rack effects on and off

Add as many rack effect modules, enclosures, and third party products as you like. Plug in your guitar and amp. Rock it! It's that simple.


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  • Follow the menus from Products, to Modules, to Modules By Type to get a list of our effect types.  Select any effect type to get a list of all our effects of that type.  Select any effect to get full information including pricing.






Hello, Effects Fans!

Yes, it is once again time to announce a new GT effect module.  Today we announce our new FET Drive module.

The GT FET Drive compares to the Wampler Plexi Drive.  It gives you three cascaded stages of tubey, high-gain JFET transistor drive.  It is meant to serve up the tone of a cranked Marshall Plexi, one of the iconic amp tones of all time.

It is a simple design, sporting the standard Volume, Gain, and Tone controls.  Bass Boost and Treble Boost switches give you a bit more control over the levels of treble and bass.  At low Gain settings you can get a not-quite-clean boost.  It also cleans up pretty well if you back off your guitar volume.  The treble and bass boosts have a significant impact in their range, including some "nearby mids".  With the Gain and Volume up, it has a nice feel.  Feedback is available in abundance, but the gain doesn't go over the top.  It stays in control without squealing and breaking down with normal input signal levels.  Also, with Gain and Volume cranked, you'll get a little bit of noise, as you would expect.  It is comparable to the noise level of a cranked Marshall.  Fully cranked it has perhaps a smidge less of the high-gain hair than some of our other Marshall-esque modules.  It is roughly comparable to our PlexiSSGTM-4512K68, and Prime Minister modules.

You can see the details about our FET Drive module at: FET Drive.  Or look for it in the Amp Sim Modules section under Products -> Modules -> Modules By Type.