Don't forget!  From now until the end of August, if you place an order for a Start Up Bundle and three or more effects modules, you'll get 10% off the cost of the Start Up Bundle!!!!  We don't do sales and promos, but we're making an exception to celebrate our re-opening.  Order your custom rack effects setup now!


Gerlt Technologies makes hundreds of customizable rack effects, at prices comparable to guitar pedals.  It's time to dump that pedal board and get Your Tone off the floor!


 What We Do

You know them as guitar pedals

We build them as rack effect modules you can customize to get Your Tone

Put several rack effect modules into a 3U rack enclosure

Connect power and audio on the back like guitar pedals, adding connections for remote switching

Add a remote footswitch unit to turn rack effects on and off

Add as many rack effect modules, enclosures, and third-party products as you like. Plug in your guitar and amp. Rock it! It's that simple.


Quick Hits:

  • Check out our GT Effects Overview to see why we do this

  • Check out our Compares To charts to see the full list of effects we offer

  • Follow the menus from Products, to Modules, to Modules By Type to get a list of our effect types.  Select any effect type to get a list of all our effects of that type.  Select any effect to get full information including pricing.



Hello Effects Fans!

As you know, we’ve been on a hiatus for a long time, hoping that the business climate would improve.  Without going on a tirade, I’ll just say that although there is change, it isn’t improvement.  Waiting for something that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon isn’t working.  Instead, we are re-opening and will meet the challenges as best we can.

The biggest challenge is major cost increases in many areas.  Many of our component prices have gone up from 50% to as much as triple their pre-COVID levels. Costs didn’t increase only for us, of course.  The quality hand-made pedal prices seem to also be up, along with prices for vintage pedals.  I reworked pricing for all of our products.  Our average module price went up about 10%, to around $225.  The quality hand-built pedals seem to be averaging around $225 to $250, if you leave out one of the prominent builders that averages more like $500+ per pedal.  While prices across the board are up, we are still competitively priced, without even factoring in the advantages provided by our rack format and design.

Another challenge is of my own creation.  A short time ago, I had an unexpected chance to achieve a lifelong goal of living on a tropical island, and I went for it.  Yeah, I’m doing that – beautiful tropical beaches, swaying palm trees, fresh ocean breezes, rum punches, and grilled lobster in the sun, in a quiet little place most people can’t readily locate on a map.  It’s great, but it isn’t the best place to run a rack effects business.  I spend as much time there as I do in the US, which presents the challenge.  This dual life must be addressed.  It’s a little complicated, requiring some transition time to achieve a better balance.  

The re-opening is limited while I get my island time better balanced with my work life.  While I’m in the US, we’re fully open to take and build orders.  While I’m out of the USA, we can still configure and take orders, provide customer support, etc but not build new orders.  For now, we’ll be fully open until October, when I return to the island.  My return date to the US is not yet determined, but will likely be in the Spring.  After that, I should be able to come and go more frequently to avoid long gaps when I’m away.

That’s it for now.  We’re on the way back!  Watch for FB and website updates and new product announcements over the next several weeks.  There is time to get orders placed and built this summer, so send me an email to get the process going.   Many thanks for your patience, and I look forward to providing you with the largest selection of the best rack effects available on the planet.

All the best,

Bill Gerlt

President, Gerlt Technologies

Dallas, Texas

17 June, 2024

PS – Our products are made and sold only in Dallas, TX and only by us from our website  Ignore any other websites or email domains claiming to sell our products.  We’ve noticed one impostor site, apparently in Nigeria.  Don’t be scammed!!!